I need Second Life


Second Life is an online world in which residents create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and interact with other avatars, places or objects. Second Life isn’t just a fancy chat room — residents can do much more than communicate with one another. For one thing, they can contribute to the world around them, creating buildings, objects or even animations. Resident additions to the virtual world are called user-generated content, and this content is one of the factors that makes Second Life such a unique online environment. it enables simulation and experiential learning or role playing.


It has informal learning opportunities for foreign language, but some universities use it to make conference etc like Mr. Akayoğlu. We discussed little bit about it ans asked why can it be used in Public schools? according to their excuse students can use it unconsciously and can be dangerous. Maybe later we can be more sophisticated. 




This week we talked about weebly. Actually i didn’t hear anything about it before CALL course. As mentioned Mr. Akayoğlu that is free website and blog hosting service for teachers and their students.Now i have a weebly account and i created my own CV on there.It is so simple to use with ease.Component options include the ability to post course updates, share a calendar, assign and accept homework, communicate with parents and manage student accounts, privacy settings and access rights.


Teachers can create and manage up to 40 student accounts for free.Storage through Weebly is unlimited. However, the service restricts individual file sizes.Furthermore, Weebly offers its users iPhone and Android Apps so that users can monitor their website traffic statistics, update blog posts and respond to comments, and add or update products if the user has an e-commerce online store.



Potcast, NPR and, Audioboo


For ten years i have not had TV, so i do not watch it. i am one of the old-Enthusiasts.For the most part, i listens radio so Podcasting attracted me and also other people who want the ability to choose their own content (much like using the Internet), instead of the TV and radio model of broadcast where they tune in and select from one of the programs playing.You may ask why Do People Make Podcasts?Podcasting is an easy and powerful way to communicate your ideas and messages. You can potentially reach anyone with a broadband connection who is searching for podcasts and subscribes to your show. People who start podcasts usually want to deliver their content in a series, stretched out over a period of time.


NPR is  formerly National Public Radio. It is like American version of TRT channel in Turkey. there is lots of type of topics and programs you can download and listen them it can help you to improve your English


Audioboo It is both a web and mobile platform that easily lets you record and share audio with the world using a computer or one of Apple’s mobile devices, also it is an audio platform that makes it easy for educators to create and share podcasts with, students, parents and the world.

make your own story


This week we started the CALL  course with windows Movie maker. As you quess, it is a software that allows you to create and edit videos.We made nostalgia while watching old ELT students videos. I wish i had joyful classmates like them.Anyway, Movie Maker creates its own distinct video file while you are editing, so that if you want, you can create several different movies using the same footage. Various features of Movie Maker include time line narration, effects, audio track, transitions, titles and credits.Resim

If you wanna create something for your kid or young students, i advice to you ”storyjumper.com” i used and like it too much. ı would strongly recommended to use it to be able to create attractive language learning area especially for English learners. It is very simple to use you do not to help to discover it just sign up and start to create your book. If you wish you can press it as a book.

Finally if you wanna create simple short animation you can glance at dfilm.com. sign up chose your characters and start to make your own story, also you can add some effects. but to tell to truth my favorite is storyjumper.


Online Education

Resim Feel the classroom soul at your home with WizIQ. It’s really creative and practice especially for educators. You can make online presentation thanx to web camera and microphone, also upload files thats related to courses, homeworks etc. By the way, no cost to the teacher or the student. It is the one of the best choice for classroom activities. 

Resim                 Resim

Google Hangouts has both text based messaging and video and conferencing quality. Nowadays not so popular,i think it will leave others behind. It is more practical than others also has mobile application for smartphones. Besides, it is too easy to use it. Hanhouts‘s video conference quality supports multi-user up to ten people.If you need, you can save your conference and upload it youtube.It is one of the smart way to use for saving courses in the school..Also, it is free.

Google plus

What is Google Plus??? there is the temptation of saying it is “like Facebook” or “like Twitter” but once you get involved, it is not that similar to either. Yes they all involve “social” and “people” and “communication”, and both of those other social networks can be great at doing what they do, but Google+ is something different. It is bringing people together within the context of many of Google’s services. It is, quite simply to video connection. Its availability for the mobile phone is the most important advantage for us.

Nicenet and Nice Week


This week firstly we talked about Nİcenet. It is commonly used in USA. Mr. Akayoğlu gave info about it and i created an account. Frankly, i do not use it  because it’s a text-based website, there is not any photograph or anything you can use it just some documents and tasks and i think it can be boring to use for presentations. 

dokeos   Thereafter we talked about Dokeos. Beginnig of the course we used it but it is not functional so do not need to mention about it. It is not free and qualified.

edmodo Edmodo is my favorite one. Akayoğlu created groups for each courses and we share docs and tasks on there. But the teacher can put deadline for the tasks, this functions of website good for teachers but not for students especially for me.

preziFinally we talked about Prezi. what a creative website to make your own presentation by the unique way. If you use prezi to create presentation its style will call more attention than your topic.By the way it is so simple and easy working on it. Worth a try.